Star Energy and Minerals Global Company is the leading supplier of specialized industrial minerals in South Africa and has been servicing the needs of both local and overseas customers.

We supply a variety of products to a wide range of industries, and exports to Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as marketing a range of specialized industrial minerals and other products that are sourced both locally and internationally. These products are contracted from the Mines and Other Partners and distributed directly to our customers.

Our research and development involves continuous improvement of product performance, process improvements and product customization in order to supply products that comply with our customers' exact needs.

Our Company actively promotes safety, health, environmental and quality awareness and training. Adherence to the relevant principals, best practice and legislation has resulted in an exceptional record in these areas, which we constantly strive to maintain.

We Offer The Following Products.

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Composition of petalite:
  1. Li2O- 4.00-4.56
  2. SiO2-77.10
  3. Al2O3-16.70
  4. Fe2O3-0.02
  5. K2O-0.18
  6. Na2O-0.18

Recommended Application Areas: Ceramics industries Glass ware Kitchen ware Etc.

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Composition of Metakaolin.
  1. Metakaolin content > 95%.
  2. Whiteness: 90%.
  3. D50 particle size = 19┬Ám.
  4. Moisture < 1%.
  5. Trace quartz content.<4%
Composition of Metakaolin.

Commonly used in Portland cement blends and for cement-based plasters, mortars and concrete.

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Chemical Assay Parameter %
  1. SiO2 45% Max.
  2. Al2O3 36% Min.
  3. Fe2O3 0.6 Max.
  4. TiO2 0.06% Max.
  5. CaO 0.10 Max.
  6. MgO 0.20% Max.
  7. Na2O 0.10% Max.
  8. K2O 0.50% Max.

Recommended Application Areas: Ceramics industries Glass ware Kitchen ware Etc.

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We also trade in the following products:

  1. Bentonite.
  2. Calcium Carbonate.
  3. Dolomite.
  4. Silica.
  5. Talc.
  6. White Pigment.
  7. Zeolite.

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